Polyethylene Foams (PE)

Designed for the needs of shoe, sports equipment, vehicle, boat and construction industries. Used as heat, condensation and sound insulation. The product gathers no water, which makes it also suitable for bathrooms. PE foams are mechanically and elastically stable and resistant to wear.

Polyethylene foams are also widely used as seals, packaging materials and seat padding. Also used as frost mats to protect concrete from freezing during the hardening process.

Product information

  • Thickness starting from 3 mm
  • Volume weight starting from 25 kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity ISO 8302 0.042 W/m K (30 kg/m3)
  • Water absorption 28 days ISO 2896 4.5% (30 kg/m3)
  • Thermal resistance -60 – +90 degrees Celsius
  • Particularly suitable for thermoforming.
  • With or without a self-adhesive background.
  • Can be joined with other foamed plastics, films or fabrics using lamination techniques.
  • Delivered in rolls, sheets or cut to form.
  • The product meets the requirements of the FMVSS 302 from 10mm thickness and up.

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Meluton was founded in a barn on the outskirts of Helsinki back in 1977. The first flame lamination solutions were designed to reduce noise, so the company was named Meluton, meaning Noiseless in Finnish. And that’s still our soundproof promise of our noise cancellation solutions.