Heavy Layer

A mineral polymer compound. The product does not contain lead, aromatic oils or bitumen. The heavy layer is designed to improve the insulation or airborne sound in structures and to absorb structure-borne sounds of all frequencies in metal, wood and composite structures. Particularly suitable for light structures, for example, to dampen resonance, and for floors to absorb impact sounds.Good resistance of solvents enables use in applications such as the bilge of a boat.

  • Average sound reduction (3 mm, 7.5 kg/m2) approximately 24 dB(A) as a freely hung curtain and 35.2 dB(A) when attached to a 15 mm plywood.
  • Standard thicknesses 1 mm (2 kg/m2) and 3 mm (7.5 kg/m2). At special order, 4 mm (10 kg/m2) is available.
  • Also available with a self-adhesive surface at request.
  • Delivered in rolls (width 1050 or 1250 mm, roll length 50 lm), sheets or cut to form.

Product requirements

The product meets the requirements of ISO 3795 and FMVSS 302, which means that it is self-extinguishing. The product can therefore be used as sound insulation in vehicles.

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Meluton was founded in a barn on the outskirts of Helsinki back in 1977. The first flame lamination solutions were designed to reduce noise, so the company was named Meluton, meaning Noiseless in Finnish. And that’s still our soundproof promise of our noise cancellation solutions.