Quality Policy & Code of Conduct

Oy Meluton Ab is a family-owned company founded back in 1977. We are a reliable partner in sound insulation, lamination and molding services. In 2022 Meluton was acquired by the Niemelä family. So, we are still a family-owned company, only the family has changed.

With our over 40 years of experience in the business, we have created an operating culture that we are very proud of.

The most important principles of our operating culture are:

Compliance with laws and good business practice

Our company is committed to follow national and international legislation and regulations in all operations. Also, we require that all of our partners follow national and international legislation and regulation.

We compete fairly, follow existing competition laws and we will not disparage or denigrate our competitors. Our staff does not give or take any kind of bribes or other benefits which could be interpreted as a bribe or corruption. We never use counterfeit parts or tools in any operations.

We guarantee that we communicate to our stakeholders transparently and our documentation can always be trusted. 

Corporate responsibility & sustainability

Our aim is to purchase the materials and produce the products without unnecessary environmental load. We strive to verify that our material and service suppliers conform to the principles of sustainable development.

Oy Meluton Ab is also committed to the continuous improvement of our operations and to creating conditions for achieving the set quality in our environmental and safety goals.

By our actions, we want to ensure similar working possibilities for future generations.

Respect for human rights and taking care of our employees

Oy Meluton Ab’s safety vision is Zero Accidents. Taking care of and improving the working conditions is our everyday task here in Meluton.

We eliminate potential hazards and reduce Occupational Health & Safety risks continually by using adequate protective equipment and by encouraging staff to improve the OH&S system. With the regular audits, we ensure that our operations fulfill all legal safety requirements, for example matters relating to machine or fire safety.

No one is discriminated on the basis of gender, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age, sexual orientation or other personal feature.. We do not accept any kind of harassment at all.

We respect human rights and we do not accept our partners to use child labor, forced labor or any other unethical actions.

Completing requirements of interested parties

We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs by providing high quality products and services on time, exactly as promised. We do not give the information we have received from our partners to the third parties.

I personally guarantee that we as a company will act according to our quality policy.

Jussi Niemelä, Entrepreneur & CEO


If you spot any flaws in our actions, you can report them anonymously with the feedback form below.


Meluton was founded in a barn on the outskirts of Helsinki back in 1977. The first flame lamination solutions were designed to reduce noise, so the company was named Meluton, meaning Noiseless in Finnish. And that’s still our soundproof promise of our noise cancellation solutions.