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Meluton Reduce Series

Designed for people, who love the sound of the ocean.

Core Products

Reduce Pro+
Reduce Pro
Reduce Premium
Reduce Basic

Additional Products

Reduce Seal Tape
Reduce Bitumen
Reduce Heavy Layer
Reduce Heat
Reduce Pelon Marina

Product Benefits

  • Highest quality noise reduction materials in the market used by the likes of Targa and Baltic Yachts as their OEM quality.
  • Allows sailors to enjoy the sounds of nature and easily discuss with their travel partners instead of listening to the roaring sound of their engines.
  • ISO standard compliant materials that are designed to enhance the safety of the user.
  • Durable materials made to last in the rough conditions of the northern hemisphere.
  • Design made in Finland that comes with a sleek and fine tuned look.
  • Production supports the circular economy, as the some of the materials are from recycled materials.
  • Complete product range that takes care of all of the noise cancellation needs, so you don’t need separate products from different manufacturers.

For all you handymen out there, we have our ever growing retail network to help you with your material needs. Here you can find all of our retailers in Europe and links to their websites.

Motonet, Finland
030 621 20

Etra, Finland
020 765 45

Muovikum, Finland
+358 440 534880

Bilasmidurinn, Iceland
(+354) 567-2330

Norway Marine Supply AS, Norway
+47 37 00 03 50

Palby Marine AS, Denmark
+45 75 88 13 11

Anagnostopoulos, Greece

Andreou I.K.E., Greece

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy leftover materials directly from Meluton?

As we currently are using all of our left over materials for new material production, since we don’t want to leave any material behind, we are not selling directly to consumers. Our lovely retail partners are there to help with your material needs.

Do you offer guidance for sound insulation installations?

For all you handymen out there, we have gathered a step-by-step guide for installing sound insulation materials yourself. You can download our guide from here.

Want to join our retail network?

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Meluton was founded in a barn on the outskirts of Helsinki back in 1977. The first flame lamination solutions were designed to reduce noise, so the company was named Meluton, meaning Noiseless in Finnish. And that’s still our soundproof promise of our noise cancellation solutions.