Defense Sector & Military Industry

Our high quality noise control and thermal insulation materials meet and pass even the most demanding military needs. We offer a range of products and services for defense contractors and military procurement officials worldwide.

Military-Grade Insulation and Noise Control for Advanced Defense Equipment

Whether you are searching for top-quality noise control for your military vehicles or seeking to manage heat with fireproof materials, we’ve got you covered. Our products are already used in military industry applications around the world. 

As Finland, our home and the manufacturing base for Meluton® products, has become the newest member of NATO, we are eager to provide our products and services throughout the North Atlantic Treaty Organization countries.

High Quality Transportation Insulation

Meluton® insulation solutions are ideal for packaging materials in various military transportation applications, offering military-grade cushioning for boxes and containers that transport equipment and valuables.

Military-Grade Insulation for Electronics

We offer various different insulation solutions for the wadding and sealing of military-grade electronic equipment. By combining different materials we can customize our solutions to match your needs.

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Meluton was founded in a barn on the outskirts of Helsinki back in 1977. The first flame lamination solutions were designed to reduce noise, so the company was named Meluton, meaning Noiseless in Finnish. And that’s still our soundproof promise of our noise cancellation solutions.