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CNC Cutting and Other Cutting Services

Our versatile cutting equipment can be used to process many materials. Available cutting techniques include simple vertical cutting, die cutting and computer-controlled CNC cutting. Our cutters can be used to process various materials from rolls to sheets.

Our waterjet and knife (CNC) cutters can be used for cutting one product or large batches of products. Our design programme enables optimal design and raw material usage.

Our manual and semi-automatic dies of many sizes help cut various forms in small or large batches.

With vertical cutters, simple forms can be cut and materials cut to sheets of equal size in an easy, quick and exact manner. We can manufacture products based on files, models and technical drawings, and more. With our cutting service, you can customise our product into a formed piece that meets your exact needs, or just buy the cutting service for your own material. Please contact us, and we will select the cutting method that suits your needs and products.

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