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Two-layer efficient sound insulation for narrow spaces that will also block low frequencies. The distancing and insulation layers make Semi-vana particularly suitable for the sound insulation of drainage pipes, ventilation ducts, walls and other structures such as the car chest plate.

NEW! Thicker version 620VANA, when applied to drainage pipe, is in conformity with the old Finnish noise level guideline for bathrooms in RakMK D2:2012 (LAeq,T = 38 dB)

Average sound reduction:
610VANA: 21,6 ΔL a,A [dB]
620VANA: 23,4 ΔL a,A [dB]
(ISO 3741 and ISO 15665)

Approximate thickness:
610VANA: 14 mm
620VANA: 21 mm

Approximate weight
610VANA: 7,8 kg/m2
620VANA: 8 kg/m2

Delivered in rolls, sheets or cut to form.

Mechanical installation or fastening with an adhesive.

The product meets the requirements of ISO 3795 and FMVSS 302, which means that it is self-extinguishing. The product can therefore be used as sound insulation in vehicles.

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