Fi En


An effective layered sound insulator that will also block low frequencies.

Used in applications such as the engine compartments of vessels and vehicles, compressors and aggregates.

Average sound reduction (30 mm thick layer) when attached on a 9 mm plywood or 6 mm glass fibre base: 38 dB(A).
Thermal conductivity (λ) 0,037 W/k.

Approximate thickness 25 mm.

Approximate weight 8 kg/m2.

Delivered as rolls, sheets or cut to form (max.1050 x 25000 mm)

Mechanical installation or fastening with an adhesive.

The product meets the requirements of the recreational craft directive 94/25/EC and the requirements of EN ISO 9094-1:2003, RSD Guidelines, ISO 4589, ISO 3795 and FMVSS 302, meaning that the product is self-extinguishing. The product can therefore be used as sound insulation in vehicles and engine compartments of CE approved recreational crafts.

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