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Mineral-loaded heavy bitumen.

The bitumen sheet is designed to improve the insulation or airborne sound in structures and to absorb structure-borne sounds of all frequencies in metal, wood and composite structures. Particularly suitable for light structures, for example, to dampen resonance, and for fenders to absorb tyre noise.
When the material is warm, it is very elastic and easy to mould.


1.8 mm (3.0 kg/m2), average sound reduction 32.5 dB(A) when attached to 15 mm plywood. Approximately 30% louder than a 4 mm bitumen.

4 mm (7.5 kg/m2), average sound reduction 35.1 dB(A) when attached to 15 mm plywood.

With self-adhesive surface

Maximum sheet size 1000 x 1200 mm, of which smaller pieces or forms can be cut.

The product meets the requirements of ISO 3795 and FMVSS 302, which means that it is self-extinguishing. The product can therefore be used as sound insulation in vehicles.

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